1. Riley Elliott

    Wow Anna!!! That’s amazing!! Thank you for sharing. Your story definitely empowered me to actually step out with what I believe! You are such an inspiration and a light to the darkness!!!!

  2. Janelle

    Anna – you have definitely grown up to be a powerhouse. Don’t ever be afraid to shine! That was so powerful and well spoken. You have a gift that is truly amazing. Keep on being true to what God tells you to do. There will be no stopping you.

    Hearts always yearn for the truth and hearing it from a peer sometimes makes a huge difference.

  3. Spyk

    I am so proud and truly Blessed to be able to have you as my grand daughter. I Love You and I ask God to bless you with HIs Holy Spirit!!

  4. Grandma

    I’m so proud of you & so thankful to God for giving you the voice to be able to share what you believe! I love you so much! God is so good!

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